Do not hesitate to use Cleaning Fairy’s services to enjoy your resurrected textile furniture!

However, there are some aspects you need to consider:
1. The cleaning equipment makes noise. Make sure to schedule the cleaning for a time when there are not many people around. If needed, we can bring comfortable noise-cancelling headphones for the family to use during cleaning.
2. The cleaned furniture will be damp and you will not be able to use it for 4-12 hours. The drying time depends on the blend and thickness of the fabric, and the level of air humidity (ventilation, season, heating, open windows, and other aspects).
3. The cleaning professional has to have access to clean water and the sewerage system to pour out the wastewater coming from the furniture.
4. The cleaning professional also needs to have access to a power socket (220-240 volts).
Upholstery cleaning takes around two hours.